Friday, 3 April 2015

***NEW POEM*** - The Dance

Hello & good evening. I've had a fabulous response to the poetry competition I am running and well, I wanted to share one with you.

The following picture was posted by Louise White, over on Facebook & it stirred many emotions. One being in I wanted to listen to Ronan Keating's - I Hope You Dance on loop!

Revelling in the moonlight we lie
After an evening of celebration
Exhausted by the music and heat
For today has been the foundation
Not two years ago it was different
You thought you’d lost me and life
So when you asked the question
How could I not be your wife?
A greater being had a hold of me
One that we couldn’t control or stop
Its power was stronger than mine
And my life you wanted to swap
Clasping my hand you wearily said
 “I promise to be there when you wake”
Not one minute did I disbelieve you
There for mine and the children’s sake
Hearing the music my eyes opened
The soulful voice of my favourite man
Speaking the words we wished for
As long as life and all came to plan
Here we are now, Cancer free
I may have lost my womanhood, my breast
But tonight, together, we have danced
A display of love and strength attest

(c) A J Walters, 2015

You can find more information to help the battle with cancer on the following charitable sites: Marie Keating Foundation, CRUK, Cancer Relief UK

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