Monday, 23 March 2015


Heart shattering into a thousand shards,
Soul exploding, it’s become too hard.
Thunder roaring and lightning strikes,

Piercing deep with the sharpest spikes.
Shielding, defending the centre of me,
Curling up tight, dreaming what could be.
Life burnt of desire and lost of hope,
Emotions wild, feeling a tightening rope.
Loved and lost isn’t what hurts most,
It’s the words and actions from he a ghost.
The barrage of hate and air so cold,
Coming from this figure, big and bold.
Tears run dry, an empty shell is all,
No-one to catch me as then I fall.
Dropping fast into a bottomless pit,
Closing my eyes I wait for the next hit.
Silence descends on the room we’re in,
Heavy and still, the weight causes din.
Daring to take just one secret glance,
Hoping and praying for a single chance.
The saving grace of a guardian angel is he,
A saviour of life signing a decree.
Taking hold of limbs, battered and bruised,
Belonging to a woman mentally abused.

(c) A J Walters, 2014
I listened to this song while writing this poem - Explosions by Ellie Goulding

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