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Hi all,

I've not properly posted on here for a while. I'm sure like a lot of you, time is flying by so quickly that I lose track of time. So  much has happened and I have so many people to thank. Unfortunately, I won't be able to single everyone out.

This year saw my book An Enrapturing Attraction really take off! It is part of a series, but you're able to read it as a stand alone, readers have been able to read about Hannah, Christian, Marc & Isabel. I took the decision to have these available to readers for only 99p/99cents each as I know how expensive everything is these days. Below are just one comment I've had on Goodreads about the books.

"I came into this book blind, not knowing much about the author or the storyline, and I believe this enhanced my enjoyment of the book...Characters slightly older than I normally read about, but this met they had lived more so their characters had more depth to them. The sexual chemistry between them both was electric but their connection intellectually was also present. I loved the mix of suspense and romance which I hope will develop even further in the next book" ~ Review of An Acute Attraction by Rosie, For The Love Of Books

In between writing the books I've thoroughly enjoyed writing my poetry. All of them are original pieces of work. Some are written from life or have had a #FSOG or #Garbriel'sInferno theme. I have read & loved both E L James & Sylvain Reynard's work. Below are a couple of pieces

I was so fortunate that both E L JamesSylvain Reynard read and Retweeted my poems. I'm probably daft saying this...But if you haven't read the FSOG or Gabriel's Inferno Series of books, well then I would recommend them.

Earlier this month I attended my first ever author signing in Peterborough and well...WOW!! Even those that have done these events before reported that it was one of the best ever signings they'd attended. Thanks for this has to go out to Jo & Rachel of Hourglass Events. It was bloomin brilliant! To have shared the stage with authors such as Jodi Ellen Malpass and Kitty French was such an honour. What I gained out of this more than anything was to meet & become friends to so many.

Me & the beautiful Kitty French

I'm pictured here with the incredibly handsome G G Carver

Me & my bestie!!

A fab pic with the ultra-talented Charming Man and  Neil Winnington

Me & the fabulous Jodi Ellen Malpas

Me &  the stunning EJ Shortall and Andie.M.Long

In July I'll be attending the Second City Author Signing in Birmingham. I'm can't wait to be a part of this & be able to fan girl as well attend as an author.

NEWS UPDATE: I am currently writing a new novel. It is more mystery & suspense, but will include some romance & erotica. It'll be out before the end of the year!! In between I'll continue to dish out the poetry.
I'll love and leave you with news that my poetry book Love, Lust, Dreams & Heartache is FREE on Smashwords!!

Thank you all so much for your support & I'll undoubtedly post some more poetry very soon.

AJ xxx

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