Thursday, 26 March 2015


Gliding with such grace, strength and honour
A lady takes to the stage, dressed in her armour
Having once been lost, alone for some time
She returns to her duty, viewing suitors in their prime

Masks they disguise them, imitate and play
Windows to the soul, the only part that can betray
Touching is forbidden, outlawed and denied
Teasing all her senses, making her tingle inside

Searching the room, she ignores the talk
Yes she’s the woman that he had to stalk
A connection is made, as he turns round to see
Creating a charge of the highest degree

One dance was promised as the music starts
Air reverberates, the sound of breaking hearts
Dreams are lost, shattered and burned
Especially those of the nemesis been spurned

Secretly leaving a space for their own
She’s given instructions that are well known
Discarding of silk, satin and lace
The woman prepares with a fixed embrace

His love, lust and deep rooted passion
Are merged together with compassion
Two bodies as one, lay silently sated
In a shape of life, which is firmly stated

(c) A J Walters, 2015

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