Wednesday, 28 January 2015

***NEW POEM*** - My Lovers Song (FSOG Theme)

***NEW POEM***

I was in the mood to write this new FSOG poem. I hope you like it. <3

What is it I hear,
That echoes around me?
A mystical sound,
Only the mind can see.
The piercing notes,
Reverberate within.
My naked form,
Tingling deep and on skin.
Its solemn sound,
Rushing throughout.
Every chord and chorus,
Is heartfelt no doubt.
As I enter the space,
So vast and wide.
There is nowhere inside,
To flee or hide.
Each key that’s struck,
Keeps pulling me along.
Towards my lover,
Creating his song.
His exposed flesh,
Baring the soul.
To a life once lived,
That has taken its toll.
Nearing him still,
No words are spoken.
The air says it all,
Not shall it be broken.

(c) A J Walters, 2015


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