Monday, 26 January 2015

New #FSOG Poem - Elevator scene

Come take my hand,
And I’ll show you the way.
Roads may be dark,
But never will I betray.
A man may be I,
Who commands, demands and more.
For you belong to me,
Begging, kneeling before.
I’ll tie your straps tight,
Right your dress sleeve.
Take care of you forever,
More than others believe.

I may have the paperwork,
But do I really need.
For you to sign the line,
In order for me to feed.

As the doors open,
Greed takes over me.
As innocently you stand,
For only me to see.
Never ever will I.
Love a woman as much as you.
Feelings that were lost,
Are now with you and true.
© A J Walters. 2015

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