Sunday, 30 November 2014

I'll have a scotch tonight and start the editing tomorrow

 I didn't think I'd see these words this weekend, but it all feels so right.

Well today it happened. I said a final goodbye to four, five, six...special characters in my life. Two of them were the beginning of my writing, I wouldn't say career, but love for writing. 

Yes, as daft as it may sound Isabel Chambers & Marc Sanders are my 'fictional babies'! And I have to say, I have lived a lifetime through them. I've loved, I've laughed...I've swooned & I've shouted. More importantly though, I have lived! Being a single mother, I craved for something that I wanted to do for myself, but still be there for my boys...these books were it. The new characters you'll be introduced to in An Enrapturing Attraction are an extension to everything. My writing, the story and the remarkable journey (I don't like to over use the word, but it's now an enjoyable one) I've taken since those terrible couple years I experienced.

Less than eighteen months later, I've told a story that I've built on. I'm an indie author who started off writing a blog! I had no money for editors and certainly had no idea what I was doing when it came to self-publishing (I still don't!), but I hope that when readers read An Enrapturing Attraction, they can see I've developed and come on a bit from the first book.

Along my this period I've made some fantastic friends, some lifelong ones. All of which I care for tremendously.

So today maybe an end to a series...But it is also a new beginning.

AJ xxx


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