Sunday, 11 May 2014

Happy Mother's Day

I love how Mother's Day is celebrated anywhere in the World. Here in the UK, we saluted Mothers in March. I sometimes feel, that whatever us Brits do, it is always a lot more reserved and low key to other countries, however the sentiment is the same. I loved my Mother's Day as it was spent with my wonderful boys, but it brings a real smile to my face to read and see how others celebrate their special day. It was lovely to see that the majority of you got right royally spoiled. :-) 

In honour of all Mother's past, present and future, I wrote a short poem.


We scrub, we clean,
We polish till gleam.
We worry, we stress,
But never give less.
We put ourselves second,
Maybe third, forth or more.
However in the end,
We will always adore.


 As well as this, it was also an honour to do a Mother's Day Special post for Scandalous Book Blog  where I posted an exclusive excerpt with Marc & Isabel. It was lovely to write something with these characters who I adore. You can read it on the attached link, where there is a giveaway as well.

Well, that's it for this years Mother's Day. I do hope those of you in America, Canada & Australia had a wonderful day.

AJ xxx

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