Saturday, 25 January 2014

Random Facts!!!


Over on Facebook, I was tagged by the gorgeous Sydney Jamesson (Pictured above), to offer a few random facts about myself.





So here we go.....





1) I was pushed down the stairs by my elder brother when I was a toddler! My nappy offered welcomed protection & I did bounce!

2) I bit my brothers finger & blamed the screams on that he got his finger stuck in the hole of the tap!

3) I played 'Mary' in a Christmas production in Primary School. I wasn't one one of the main parts though. A bloody woodcutter & bird were!!!

4) There were ONLY 5 children in my year in Primary school & I was the only one to go to the high school I went to.

5) I nearly pee'd myself from laughing so much, when I couldn't stop running as very strong winds were pushing me along! (Walking/running home from high school).

6) I had an operation on my jaw when I was 16 years old. I had to have it broken & moved forward! It was then clamped together for 8 weeks.

7) I studied Music (singing), Theatre Studies & Media Studies in College. So my first 8 weeks in college were stuffed, due to said operation above!!

8) My favourite pop group in high school was Climie Fisher.





9) I once was a size 12!

10) I gave birth to my eldest son on Christmas Day. So my dinner consisted of a cup of tea & 2 rounds of toast!

11) I suffer from 'Foot In Mouth' Syndrome. Hence where my character Isabel, gets hers from.

12) I used to live down near Cambridge.

13) Singer Robbie Williams still owes an old friend of mine, a packet of cigarettes!

14) I suffer from Vertigo and have a fear of heights! 


15) I have been on T.V & interviewed a famous celebrity!



I once thought I had lead a sheltered life!!




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