Thursday, 9 January 2014

My 1st ever interview!!!

Arrrgghhh!! I may not be a virgin in other ways, but I most certainly am when it comes to interviews.

So when Paul from Self Publishing Showcase emailed me and asked if I would do one for them, I won't lie and say I was a bit apprehensive....more for the fact of I know how ditsy I can be sometimes.

I have interviewed other celebrities in the past, such as Ronan Keating (solo singer & Boyzone member), been on T.V. and I was petrified!! But to be on the other side, it is just as nerve racking....will I come across dull & boring? Will I come across ditsy?
You know how hard it is to put across a personality with just words, so yes I was worried.

However, like I did with the Ronan Keating interview I thought, come on Walters, you've got nothing to lose!!

Before I post the link to the interview, I want to tell you that there will be a few competitions coming up over the next month, where you have a chance of winning a signed copy of An Acute Attraction. So keep an eye out for more news on those as they happen.

Anyhoo!! Here we go...

Thank you guys. xxx

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