Saturday, 18 January 2014

Meet the artist....

The art work for the front cover of An acute Attraction, has had as much 'attraction' and attention as the book its self. So, I thought I would do a Meet The post.

I would like to introduce you to my younger brother, John Walters.

(1985- Live Aid year.....It rocked!! And yes! We ran the World to raise money!! Haha!!)

John is the most amazingly talented guy you could ever meet. I remember him doing art in school, but the first time I really noticed that he had a fabulous future was about 17 years ago! He'd drawn a cartoon sketch of a man picking his nose!!! I know....but in the end, the guy had his brain dangling at the end of what he pulled out....You had to have seen it! Bloomin brilliant! The caricature was hilarious.

From there, John went on to do art in University & then worked for a set design company in Stoke on Trent. Here he designed the set for A Midsummer Nights Dream that was performed at Stafford castle. The design was put on display in the V&A museum, in London.

John with my youngest son, a decade ago!!

John then went on to bigger and better things. Designing characters for the Alton Towers Theme Park....

                                                 The above are just two of what he designed....

I am so proud of all of John's accomplishments, but I think when it comes to what is written down on paper, it has to be his art work in the amazing television series...Spartacus: Blood & Sand..etc

John helped to create the magnificent background VFX artwork in all seasons of Spartacus.

                            You have got to admit, his talent is amazing & I am so, so proud of him.

I was fortunate to have John do the art work for 'An Acute Attraction'. All I did was send John a photograph of Kings College in Cambridge & give an idea about the coupling & the outline of the book, then he did the rest.....worked his magic. The idea he came up with was to pin point the characters & setting. The 'crumbling walls' effect defines that of lies, deceit and trust!

I do have the artwork in mind for the second book 'A Constant Attraction'. It will remain a secret for a bit though.

In the meantime please check out John's art work here Art Of John Walters  He is available for any work, so please contact him for anything....




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