Tuesday, 14 January 2014

A Tantalizing Teaser

Turning back to me, he gently shifts the hair that is settled against my cheek. The same electrical charge I felt earlier is conducted through my body and fisting the hair at the nape of my neck, he brings his mouth down to mine. All I can do is to hold tight on to his athletic upper arms, afraid that my legs might buckle any moment now. Exploring my mouth, the taste of the whisky transferring from his tongue makes it all the sweeter. The kiss intensifies as he pulls me closer. Having the need to come up for air, he releases my mouth, but not before biting on my lower lip.
I watch on as he removes his blue suit jacket and tie, and I am caught up, mesmerized by this man. It is as though I have been drugged by his touch, by his kiss.

Never taking his eyes off of me, in a low dulcet tone he asks;
“Isabel, what do you want? What do you need?”
Only one answer comes to mind.
The smoothness in which he delivered his question was suddenly gone. Roughly he takes my mouth again and this time both of our tongues are in search for what we want. While I have both of my hands flat against the taught contours of his chest, Marc brings one hand up in to my hair as the other desperately reaches for the hem of my dress.
Once he holds it, he uses both of his hands to pull the dress up over my head. He looks down at me, studying hungrily. All of the insecurities I had earlier vanish as he gazes at my ample breast, the nipples of which are audaciously teasing him.
“You are beautiful,” he breathes.
I can feel the sting of a tear at the corner of my eye, as no man has ever said that to me. Fighting to control my emotions, I can then see where this is leading.
“I have to ask, is it safe for us to do this? You know?”
He glides his hands over my shoulders and down my arms, “I know what you are trying to ask and yes it’s safe.”
Without warning I shift the power of what he is doing over to me.
Feeling brave I remove Marc’s clothing, revealing broad shoulders, a smattering of chest hair and a well-defined stomach. I inhale at the sight and smell of this man.  All he is left standing in is his black boxer briefs. My hand reaches for him, when he abruptly stops me.
“My turn again.”
Marc presses delicate kisses down one side of my neck and shoulders. Taking off my bra and lace topped knickers; he discards them on to the floor. Once I am completely naked, Marc takes a hold of my full breasts, rolling one nipple between his thumb and forefinger, whilst taking the other distended nipple into his mouth. His touch is exquisite and already aroused from the foreplay, I let out a moan as my hands take in his hair.  I close my eyes to heighten the pleasure of him nuzzling at my breast.
I want this man and somehow Marc knows exactly what I am thinking. Pushing me back to one of the sofas, I stumble back on to it. Then grabbing my thighs he pulls me towards him so that I am now virtually lying on it, so I am open and ready for him.
I silently curse at the first touch of his keen tongue, playing and teasing. Slipping one and then two fingers into me to join his tongue causes me to release a sob of sexual pleasure, as they achingly slowly at first, work in unison.
My first orgasm is beginning to build. I am so close and this is how I want it to be. Marc sets a rhythm with his fingers and as I tighten around them, he rubs the most sensitive part of me with his thumb. That is the undoing of me and bowing my back, I come hard.  I am still breathing hard when Marc closes his warm mouth over mine. I can no longer taste whisky, but the sweet juices that had just gushed out of me.
“You are amazing Isabel.”
Having the need to touch him, I reach down, finding him hard and rigid. Fighting against the material of his briefs, I release him and I am able to wrap my fingers around. I can feel his erection pulsating against my palm and twitch when my thumb caresses the head of him. With a steady cadence of my hand; Marc groans. I want to be as attentive to him as he has been to me and share the glorious sensual connection we have. Soon the longing becomes too much for either of us, Marc desires release and I have an urgent need to feel him inside of me.
Taking my right hand, he holds it above me on the sofa and gently slides into me, which is made easier with my earlier orgasm. Hooking my legs over his shoulders means he can thrust deeper into me and it is only at that point I realise I still have my heels on. No matter, my body and mind is with this man in this moment. The velocity in which Marc moves in and out of me means we are both close to our impending orgasms. Feeling me tighten around him has the desired effect on Marc.
Panting heavily Marc calls “Come with me Isabel, please”
The noise from the both of us signals our joint climax.
Collapsing on top of me, spent and exhausted, Marc finally let’s go of my hand. My legs ache as I wearily drop them to his sides. Beads of sweat mingle as one as he lies outstretched across my body. In an attempt not to hurt me, Marc distributes his weight to one side.
After what seems like an eternity, Marc finally lifts his head and places a tender kiss upon my breasts. I shiver from both the touch of him and the cold that is now descending around us. Sliding out of me, Marc stands holding out a hand for me to take. No more words are exchanged until I’m enveloped in his warm arms and the comforting cover of his bed.
Kissing the top of my head, I hear Marc whisper for the second time just before sleep takes over us,
“You’re beautiful.”


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    1. Hi Babs. You can read more of this in the book in which it comes from. :-)

      It's called An Acute Attraction & you can buy it in any format from Amazon/Barnes and Noble/iTunes etc. The follow up book called A Constant Attraction is also out now :-)

      AJ xxx

  2. Thank you, Adalinda.

    You can find more in the book it is from An Acute Attraction & the follow up, A Constant Attraction