Saturday, 25 January 2014

A belated Throwback Thursday....

I have enjoyed revealing a bit more about myself recently, more for the fact of reminicing.

In the post earlier I mentioned that I am a natural blonde and that I had interviewed a famous celebrity in the past....The picture below MAY give you a clue as to who.

I first met him back in 1995......where I then went on to write a concert review for the boyband he was in.....

After that I interviewed him for a BBC Saturday Night TV programme for his solo album....

...with the hilarious & wonderful Graham Norton.

I was surprised by the fact that I was actually going to be interviewing the amazing Ronan Keating. I only had 10 minutes to prep for the interview and I had to perform some unusual tasks!! Below is my card I used to help with that, I was shaking so much with nerves, my writing is terrible!

You will not believe what happened....I was introduced to this God of a man & then basically had to make a complete fool of myself in front of him. He did not know about all of the questions or tasks I had to do, so I just went for it!

Unfortunately, we had some technical difficulties & my radio microphone had to be swapped....What I didn't realise, as I was chatting away to Ronan & swimming backstroke in his eyes, was that my new microphone had a cable attached to it!!

So when it came to getting out of there as quick as I could, after making a complete arse of myself, I nearly garroted the poor guy!

Hence to say, it was a memorable interview for the both of us.



Ronan & Boyzone's new single Light Up The Night I love it!!



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