Wednesday, 21 August 2013

An Acute Attraction- Part 2

One month earlier:

“It will do you the world of good Izzy”.

Blowing my piping hot cappuccino to cool it down, I half listen to my best friend Jackie and half to the little voice in the back of my head saying I’m nuts!

“You really deserve this. Being a working single mother is tough. You can’t switch off from it. You need to be there emotionally 24hours a day, 7 days a week. The boys are growing up now though, it’s time to think about you for a short time.”

I know Jackie is right. I’ve been on my own for 3 years since “he who shall not be named” left. It was the best thing to happen to us and I became a far stronger woman through it. Now however, I am starting to feel lost and lonely. I love my children to bits, don’t get me wrong, but something is missing! What that is I have yet to find out. Is it the lack of male companionship? Or is it that I need to discover myself again, start living my life, go places and make discoveries? I sigh to myself.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever done anything like this before and a week on my own is a long time.”

Whilst stirring her coffee Jackie looks at me, trying to make eye contact.

“You won’t be totally on your own. I’m only a phone call away. You’re a people person Izzy, you’re not afraid to meet new folk. You’ll be fine, I know you will.”

Again she’s right, when isn’t she? The pros certainly outweigh the cons. What the heck, come on Chambers. Do it!


I really didn’t have a definite plan on how this week was going to pan out. So to now be lying naked on my stomach, with an almighty grin and my fiery red hair spread seductively across the pillow was a good start I guess. Turning toward the window I see the Sunday sunlight streaming through the opened curtains- closing my eyes again I pinch my arm to make sure I didn’t dream any of the previous night. Feeling the bed move slightly behind me, a gentle hand moves my hair from off of my shoulders and presses a tender kiss up on the nape of my neck; which makes me go all goose-pimply. It is enough of a sign to tell me I wasn’t.

“Good morning Beautiful. I trust you slept well.”

Turning my head to see all of the 6ft 2inches of American stud Marc Sanders, before me is a vision. There goes that choir of angels again! Standing tall with his manly hands holding the white towel, that is wrapped around him, low on his narrow hips. I can’t stop my eyes from taking in this statue of a man in. Strong defined legs and taut abdomen shows me that Marc looks after himself. I must be staring for a fraction too long as he then says:

“Enjoying the view Miss Chambers?”

The blush instantly sweeps over my face and I smirk at the same time, as I hear the humour in his voice.
Leaning up I rest my head in the palm of my hand, exposing a little of my milk white breast. His oceanic green eyes notice this and seeing them dilate, my inner woman starts to do backstroke as I am drawn into them.

“Enjoying the view Mr Sanders,” I laugh, swearing I saw the towel twitch.

Clearing his throat, he runs his fingers through his hair, still wet from showering. This action alone is so innocently sexy, I swallow hard. Smiling provocatively he replies,

“That I was Miss Chambers. That I was.”

My stomach clenches. Watching him return to the bathroom I feel strangely cold at the loss of him. Damn Chambers, when did your lottery ticket come in? I bite my lip at the thoughts rushing through my head.  Finding a white robe at the end of the King size bed, I stand to slip my arms into it, wrap it tight around me and tie the sash into a knot. Glancing around the room I spot a breakfast tray that contains a banquet of food, on a small table near to the door. Assuming nothing, I walk into the seating area of the room. Observing the sofa I have flashbacks of the night before. My hand reaches for my throat afraid that my rapidly beating heart will jump out. His warm tongue! I close my eyes recalling how it stroked the junction at my thighs. His strong hands fondling my breast! My chest rises and falls to accommodate the air I’m taking in as I’m breathing heavily. I smell the opulent scent of Marc before I see or hear him approach from behind.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I called the reception to have breakfast brought up to us. I wasn’t sure what you liked, so requested that they bring a little of everything they had.”

Marc walks past me carrying what turns out to be, one of two trays of goodies. I notice he’s changed into a pair of faded, worn jeans and an off grey plain t-shirt. He looks so casual, so different, and so utterly and totally gorgeous. What really gets my attention are his bare feet- before you even think about it, I do not have a foot fetish….until now! He must be a size 13 shoe, perfect toes. No gross big toe or a stumpy little one that sticks out….perfect! Bending at the waist to place the tray down, I now have the splendid experience of a floor show displaying his ass! I must swoon out loud, as without turning around to see me Marc says,

“Enjoying the view Miss Chambers?”

Caught red handed, guilty as charged. No point me even denying that I was totally checking this guy’s ass out. So without even bothering to think of an excuse, I just come out with it;

“It is one mighty fine view Mr Sanders, it would be a shame not to enjoy such a welcome sight.”

Whole heartedly laughing, he stands to face me again. “I’m glad I was able to provide such a sight for you then. Come, we must eat.”

Viewing the variety of treats before me I see there are Croissants to fresh fruit, muffins to cereal and yoghurt to a selection of juices. You name it, it’s there.

“Wow! I don’t know what to say”, which is true. I’m astounded at the thought he’s put into this.
My stomach rumbles its approval of what it sees. Marc gestures for me to sit on the sofa. I cannot stop the heat that rises to my cheeks. I curse silently and try to control myself. Chambers, sort it out. I sense that Marc is laughing at me yet again, having possibly read my mind.

“What delights may I tempt you with Miss Chambers? Can I interest you in a banana or some yoghurt perhaps?”

I may have only known this guy less than 24 hours, but I know a double entendre when I hear one. So rolling my eyes and shaking my head, I think to myself; two can play at this game.

“Mmm!! I think I’ll have some strawberries please.”

Raising one of his eyebrows, he knows the game is on!! “As you wish” he says.

Trying his best to keep his serious face on, Marc places six and then seven, delectable looking strawberries into a bowl for me. To hand the bowl over is not in his game plan. He slowly strolls forward. I lift my feet on to the sofa so that they are curled around to the side of me. This movement causes my robe to slide open revealing my shapely legs. One side of his mouth lifts into a half smile, in a decidedly wicked way.  While mine suddenly goes dry. Have I taken on more than I can chew?
I’d usually be shy having had that happen and cover myself back up- however he seems to be undressing me with his eyes and I don’t feel embarrassed by what he sees. Sitting down on the floor in front of me he cheekily glides his right hand along my exposed thigh. My eyes close in an involuntary way, my head is humming.

“Did you know that strawberries are classed as an aphrodisiac?”

Not able to keep a straight face as he says that, he sees my eyes sparkling with the thoughts that I have running through my mind.

“I did yes. I’m not sure how true that is though. You’d have a lot of horny people after a day out to watch tennis at Wimbledon!”

Marc throws his head back as he lets out a roar of laughter. He has the most amazing sound; deep and full of heart. Once he’s composed himself, he picks one of the strawberries up and offers it to me. Tantalisingly slowly I take it between my teeth and bite. Marc has his thumb there at the ready to wipe the juice that runs down my chin. Automatically I cup my hand to catch any that drips. I take the half I have bitten off into my mouth and start to chew as I watch Marc suck the sticky red liquid from his thumb. I physically feel my pupils dilate as it is the most erotic movement I have ever seen. I’m still chewing when Marc says,

“Is it ever likely the Romans had the best orgies if this is anything to go by?”

How I don’t choke on what was in my mouth is a miracle, but in the most un-lady like fashion I can’t stop coughing on the seeds I inhaled on hearing that. Standing so I can get my breath, Marc gets to his feet and rubs my back. I can't quite make my mind up which has the redder complexion, the fruit in the bowl or my face!

“Are you Ok Isabel?”

Even though his words are said with concern, I hear the amusement in his voice. All I can do is nod as my breathing returns to normal.  Finally able to talk I reply,

“Yes I’m fine. Thank you.”

Marc looks down at me, with his right hand still firmly fixed to my back. With his other hand he lifts my chin so that I’m looking directly up at him. I anticipate what happens next, so when I feel the warmth Marc’s mouth on mine I welcome it. Raising my hands to his waist, the kiss intensifies. The hand that lifted my chin moves around, so long fingers rake into my hair and hold me to him. There is no roughness to the kiss, just pure desire. It takes some effort for us to break away from one another. When we do Marc rests his forehead against mine. Running his fingers down the length of my hair, he exhales heavily.

“Good God Isabel. We will never leave this room if we carry on like this.”

As he says that Marc moves away and I notice him adjusting himself in his trousers. Did I really do that to him? I smile; my inner woman is blowing freshly painted nails. I caused that reaction to Marc Sanders. Go me!

The next hour passes by with us eating our breakfast, chatting about anything and Marc reading the Sunday paper while I shower. I dress in the only clothes I have which are from last night. I can change back in my room. Once I’ve gathered my belongings I awkwardly walk towards the front door. Fidgeting with my bag I look over towards Marc.

“Well thank you for a wonderful night and morning. I really did enjoy it.”

Leaning his head to one side Marc pauses as though he is considering what he is to say next.

“What do you have planned for the rest of the day? I’d really like it if we could spend it together. There is a lovely House I want to visit and I’d be honoured if you say yes to coming with me.”

Even though I’m surprised by his invitation, I cannot think of anything else I’d rather do. So it’s no surprise when I accept.

“I’d love to. Let me get changed and I will be right with you.”

Marc nods with a smile, stands and walks over. Before opening the door, he bends to kiss my cheek.
“I’ll wait down stairs in the lounge. Once you’re ready I’ll drive us there.

I have always taken an interest in British history, especially when it comes to our monarchy and aristocracy. So here we are driving up a long drive way in Marc’s hired black Mercedes M Class. Its plush, comfortable interior is everything I expected and more. It's only when I come to get out of the beast of a car, I realise that for a not so tall 5 foot 3 inch woman like me there is no flattering way of doing it. If I was to own one, which would be like never, I’d have to have a retractable step ladder fitted to it! So thank goodness Marc comes around to help me. Once out of the car we see Ickworth House in all its grandeur.

Situated in the county of Suffolk, its surroundings are as picturesque as the house itself. The Georgian Building built in 1795 houses a history of scandal and controversy, brought together by the Hervey family, particularly the Marquess of Bristol; an eccentric man who is described as having a passion for art, Italy and enjoying a darn good party! You can definitely see the influences in the beautiful Italianate gardens; expertly trimmed trees, box hedges and bushes. Walking around them with this incredibly handsome man beside me, I can see he’d look every bit at home here. As time passes, I’m glad I wore my flat sandals, blue cropped trousers and white tunic top, as feeling the stones crunch under foot and the heat radiating off the grass would have been uncomfortable had I not.

Sitting on a low wall looking towards the snow white house and its dome that covers the main part of the building, I sigh with happiness. For most of the morning we have talked about the surroundings and the intriguing history of the place. Any silent moments never felt awkward, just being able to share this moment with the man sat next to me was enough. Looking at his Rolex watch, Marc then nudges me with his shoulder.

“Are you hungry?”

Realising I felt quite ravenous I nodded.

“I am actually. What do you fancy?”

Staring at me with hungry eyes tells me what he fancied. With a butterfly sensation in my stomach, I knew the effect he must be having further down. I squeeze my thighs together to halt what is happening. Jeez, how does this guy do it? When that doesn’t work I break the eye contact. I hear his smile.

“I have a picnic basket in the back of the car. I’ll grab it and we can find somewhere to sit.”

 Frowning I think back. When did he find the time to put together a picnic? Reading my mind he adds,

“I asked the manager if the kitchen would be able to put one together for us, while you were in the shower.”

I raise my eyebrows at him, “You hadn’t asked me at that point, so how did you know I would say yes?”

Laughing he says, “I didn’t. If you had said no, I’d have one big picnic all to myself.”

I can’t help but laugh with him and at the nerve of him to assume. I shake my head and watch him stand; he stretches out a hand for me to take.

“We must take some pictures before we leave,” I suggest, “It would be a shame not to while we’re here.”

“I agree Miss Chambers, it would be”.

With that Marc takes out his iphone and points it in my direction.

“Not of me, the house”, I squeal as I put my hands up to cover my face.

Chuckling he says, “Why can’t I have two beauties in a picture?”

Crossing my arms in front of me I pout, “Are you mocking me Mr Sanders?”

As quick as a flash he replies “Never!” And takes the most unflattering picture I have ever seen, which he finds all the more hilarious. This only makes me pout more like a sulky teenager.

“I believe it’s your turn Mr Sanders”

A few more photographs are taken of both of us, even a couple with both of us in; with an outstretched arm he takes some quite good ones. Well nothing can be worse than the first one he took!
Once we’re done with laced fingers we stroll back to the car.

While Marc carries the hamper, I help by carrying the large argyle blanket that also mysteriously appears. Having the pick of acres of land, we choose a shaded area in a small clearing amongst the trees that must be hundreds of years old. They stand tall and proud, as though looking over and protecting us. We devour the feast that has been prepared for us and then lay back on the blanket. Marc lies with one arm behind his head and his ankles crossed, looking relaxed and satisfied. Having folded up a jumper, I rest my head back happy and content. Just then Marc rolls on to his side, faces me and his voice breaks the silence.

“How is it you have never found happiness?”

Feeling him move a strand of hair away from my mouth I reply truthfully.

“I thought I had at the time. Unfortunately happiness got lost along the way through the actions of others.”
I turn to face him. “What about you? You’re an attractive, intelligent guy. I find it hard to believe that you’re on your own.”

“Believe it. I’ve had relationships, maybe a few too many. Once they see that money isn’t everything they pack up and leave.”

I feel the frustration he must be feeling.

“I admit having money must be wonderful. Not having to worry as much, being able to do what you want when you want to. I’ve never experienced that, but being in this position I am appreciating so much more. I’m not saying people with money don’t, but I can appreciate what it’s like to go without as well as the excitement of going with. In the end if a person is happy that’s all that matters.”

There’s a couple of seconds of stillness and quiet before Marc brings his head down to kiss me. The softness of his lips is enticing. He rests one hand on my stomach and the other above my head for balance. We don’t rush. There’s no-one else around, only us. I moan softly into his mouth. I feel the need to touch him, so bring my hand up to his cheek. The connection between us makes my skin tingle. Gradually Marc’s hand skims over my top, down towards the apex at my thighs. I instinctively open my legs so as to allow his hand to touch me there. He accepts the invitation. My breathing starts to quicken. Breaking away from his lips I whisper,

“Please Marc.”

At those two words Marc shifts down my body. Feeling his breath on my neck, I tilt my head back so that he has better access to allow him to trail feather like kisses down the side, creeping ever closer to my breast. I need more. I need to feel his skin against mine. I nonchalantly reach for the hem of his t-shirt, bringing it up over his head. Stretching his arms above him allows me to see his perfect torso. Oh my! My heart does literally skip a bit, and here’s me thinking that only happens in romance novels! I lean forward to kiss his throat and down towards his midriff. Returning his attention to me Marc removes my top, inhaling sharply as he sees my voluptuous bosom.

“My Miss Chambers, I don’t believe I’ve had my dessert yet!”

I giggle like a school girl, yes I know, when he bends down to kiss my breast. Marc shifts his body so that he is now straddling my hips. Looking down to where he is sitting on me, I have no need to ask if he’s enjoying himself! The waves of emotion I feel at that point overwhelm me.  Covering his body with mine we are lost. We’re in our own little bubble and nobody or anything around us exists.



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